Sussex County ARES Served Agency's

Amateur Radio station at Beebe Healthcare Rehoboth Surgical, Rehoboth Beach

Above: This stationat BBMC Rehoboth Surgical is equipped with a FT-991A, FTM-300, VHF/UHF Omni antenna, MFJ 10-40 EndFed antenna for HF, Dual monitor system for the Dell i5 based Lattitude 3520 laptop. This station uses the audio card in the FT-991A to run both Vara FM and AX.25 Packet. This is done using "SoundModem" software instead of a hardware TNC.



Amateur radio station at BBMC South Coastal in Frankfort. 

Above:  This station at South Coastal is equipped with a FTM-100D Digital Radio, KPC-3+ TNC, Astron 12V Power Supply and Dell i5 based Latitude 3520 laptop. This station is equipped with two dual band vertical antennas which makes this station well suited for both voice and data at the same time. 



BBMC Lewes station being staff by Ray, WB3GNO and Steven, KC3DSO for the Sussex Count SET. This station sports a Icom 706MKIIG, Pactor PTC modem which does the AX.25 Packet and can run Pactor 3. The station also has a Yaesu FT-7900 for for voice. 

Sussex County ARES has several served agency's in Sussex County. Sussex County ARES is a part of Beebe Healthcare. Sussex ARES staffs three fully operational radio stations at three Beebe Healthcare Facilities. These facilities are staff by FCC license amateur radio volunteer operators who provide back up communications in case of an incident. Sussex ARES staffs the Beebe Healthcare facility in Lewes, Rehoboth Surgical in Rehoboth and South Coastal Health Campus in Frankfort. These stations are fully equipped with VHF/UHF/HF equipment to provide emergency communications when needed. Beebe Healthcare Lewes also hosts the N3KNT-11 AX.25 1200 packet WinLink Gateway on 145.050 MHz.

The Nanticoke Amatuer Radio Club (NARC) through Sussex County ARES operates the Amatuer Radio Station at TidalHealth Nanticoke Hospital in Seaford. This station has full VHF/UHF and HF capabilities using AX.25 packet, Vara HF/FM and Pactor to handle all the hospitals emergency messaging needs. TidalHealth Nanticoke Hospital also hosts the N3KNT-10 AX.25 1200 packet WinLink Gateway on 145.050 MHz. NARC, under the clubs callsign of W3TBG, host the only WinLink HF Gateway in Delaware in Seaford which runs Vara HF on 40m at 7097.20 kHz DIAL frequency. This gateway uses dual 40m HamSticks in a rotatable diipole configuration as it's antenna. 

Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company, Bethany Beach, Delaware.

On July 11, 2023 members of the Sussex County ARES performed a work party at the Bethany Beach VFC. The work involved replacing two existing runs of 125' of RG-213U coax and replacing both the VHF/UHF Antenna and the HF folded Dipole. The VHF/UHF antenna was replaced with a new Diamond X50 Dual Band antenna and the folded dipole was replaced with a long wire. The Sussex ARES Team performing the work Jim, N3XKJ, Ray, WB3GNO, Don, W3DCS and Steven, KC3DSO. 

Tower truck is the only way to get to the roof of the fire house. Tower 70 provided the lift for the ARES Team. On the tower was Jim, N3XKJ and Don, W3DCS.